Vinstone Products CD
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Welcome obtaining the Vinstone products CD for free.

For a long time, we keep on updating our products CD. We sincerely hope this CD will help you know more about the development of the china stone market in time. Actually, from our customers, we know our CD are warmly welcomed and also greatly helpful for our customer make purchase plan. This is the best recognition for us.

Our Vinstone production CD mainly including three parts.

1.Active Video flash.

Showing our procedure of the process by active and vivid flash, you will know every detail process more directly and tridimensional. Then you will get a more clearly idea about us before your visiting our factory.

2.Products picture gallery.

With the most popular products of the present china stone world, Include such as marble, granite, sandstone, etc. With the help of this picture gallery £¬you can more easily make purchase plan .

3.Literary Introduction.

With the latest information of the china stone market, introducing all kinds of popular products, we are looking forward to developing the world stone market together with you!


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